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Law firm Chellat Pilpré Huchet

The firm

cabinetOur law firm is a human sized structure of 3 lawyers, upon which only 2 are still working.

Our activities are mostly focused on business law, and the firm is divided into two departments: legal advice and litigation.

The firm was created in 1998 by Mister Yves PILPRE, who started his legal career working as a legal counsel and then as a lawyer. For some years, the latter had been the Chairman of the bar association, and a member of the bar council. As of June, 30th 2017, Yves PILPRE is completely retired and remains registered as emeritus attorney (qualified, but no longer practising lawyer). 

He has a certified expertise in Corporate Law.

Atika CHELLAT joined the office in 1999, after nine years of practice. Mrs CHELLAT is a member of the Convention for the Protection of Children's Rights within the French department of Essonne.

Cassandre HUCHET was first hired as a trainee lawyer in 2009 and became a lawyer in 2012. Mrs HUCHET has also been a teacher at the university of Evry between 2010 and 2015. Since 2016 she is teaching to her colleagues and their employees through the ENADEP (specialised formation organisation). Cassandre HUCHET has a certified expertise in Corporate Law. 

In addition to the fact that each lawyer has his own expertise, the lawyers of the firm work closely together in order to provide the clients with work of the highest quality, especially when a case requires more than one field of expertise.

Our team is dynamic, dedicated and attentive.

Appointments are given within a short period of time, and each lawyer is easily reachable, especially by email.

You will be greeted on the phone by our legal Assistant, who handles not only the appointment schedule but also the billing and the hearings. Do not hesitate to ask her questions, as she will very often be able to provide you with the accurate information pertaining to your case.